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Luxury Hotels in Mumbai

Hotels in Mumbai
Fariyas Hotel in South Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It is one of the most important and busiest metropolitan cities. Being called as the city of dreams, it is popular as the wish-granting city. People from all over the country flock this city in the hope of ‘making it big’ someday. Having said all this, we can quite get the idea that the city might always be alive with activity. And true to the expectation, life never seems to come to a halt here.

Being such an amazing and happening place, this city receives a lot of tourist traffic- be it for sightseeing or business engagements. And many of these travelers lookout for the finest luxury accommodations to stay in so as to feel the comfort and ease of home. So here is the list to guide future visitors about the luxury hotels in Mumbai:

Fariyas Hotel & Resort

It is located in Colaba- one of the fastest developing business centers in Mumbai. Being a biggie in the hospitality industry, Fariyas never fails to give rich, peaceful and luxurious stay experience at a city that is known for its never-ending hustle-bustle. The interiors are eye-pleasing and extremely appealing. Having a number of restaurants and bars to choose from, wine & dine in here will be unmatched. Moreover, one can get the feel of a perfect Bollywood experience.


Published by Fariyas Hotel & Resort

Fariyas Hotels & Resorts is a Group of Luxury Hotels, 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai, Lonavala India, Fariyas has its presence throughout India offering luxurious accommodations and facilities. For more :-

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