Luxury Hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It is one of the most important and busiest metropolitan cities. Being called as the city of dreams, it is popular as the wish-granting city. People from all over the country flock this city in the hope of ‘making it big’ someday. Having said all this, we canContinue reading “Luxury Hotels in Mumbai”

Facilities That Will Make You Extend Your Stay with Fariyas Hotel in Mumbai

Fariyas Hotel in Mumbai is one of the best luxury hotels in Mumbai offering some of the best views of the city to its guests. The hotel offers easy access to many business, financial, shopping and entertainment centers of Mumbai. Both leisure and business guests can have a comfortable stay in any of the well-equippedContinue reading “Facilities That Will Make You Extend Your Stay with Fariyas Hotel in Mumbai”

Affordable Price Hotels in Mumbai

Budget Hotels in South Mumbai Showcasing a traditional charm, Colaba is a historic area located in South Mumbai. Combining cultures, the region is known for its architectural monuments and intricate old buildings that still reiterate its natural appeal. Old film talkies and cafes are entertaining old people who roam this soothing area. Along the routeContinue reading “Affordable Price Hotels in Mumbai”

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